Sunday, January 29, 2012

College commercial dryer fire contained by sprinkler system (Chesterfield, MO)

A fire ignited by a commercial dryer in the basement laundry room of an administration building at Logan College of Chiropractic was contained by a sprinkler system Sunday night.

Sprinklers saved life of Laconia man smoking while on oxygen (Boston, MA)

Sprinkler system saved life of Laconia man smoking while on oxygen. "Smoke detectors went off, but didn’t wake him up", Fire Chief Kenneth Erickson said.

Sprinkler system prevented high-rise fire from spreading (Tucson, AZ)

Firefighters say a working sprinkler system and smoke alarms prevented a fire from spreading in a 17-story Tucson apartment building.

Bed Bath & Beyond fire put out by sprinkler system (Lincoln, NE)

There was a report of flames in the store’s entryway but the store’s sprinkler system put the fire out.

Sprinkler system extinguished high school fire (Des Moines, IA)

Des Moines firefighters say a small fire in a Des Moines high school was extinguished by the school's sprinkler system.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sprinklers Thwart New Year's Restaurant Oven Fire (Mountain View, CA)

Chief Alameda told Mountain View Patch that had it not been for the sprinklers, this could have been much worse.

Sprinklers Put Out Fire At Beauty Supply Store (Nyack, NJ)

Central Nyack volunteer firefighters were called to an early-morning fire at a beauty supply store, where a sprinkler system activated to put out the flames. No one was injured in the fire at Beauty Supply.

Fire Suppression Sprinklers Save Chinese Restaurant (Sacramento, CA)

"Flames in the kitchen set off the restaurant's sprinkler system around 5:30 a.m. The fire did not spread."

Storage Warehouse Fire Controlled By Sprinkler System (Gilroy, CA)

Jim Crawford, battalion chief for the South Santa Clara County Fire District and CalFire said a vehicle being stored inside the facility caught fire, but the commercial sprinkler alarm system was able to keep the flames to a minimum.

Sprinkler System Kept House Fire Contained (Livermore, CA)

"The sprinklers in the attic kept the fire in check until we could get in there and extinguish it," Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department Battalion Chief Jack Neiman-Kimel said.