Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sprinklers protect cafe from suspected arson (Old Orchard Beach, ME)

Around 4:45am, crews were called to the Beach Street Cafe, which is part of the Waves Oceanfront Resort property, and found a fire there had just been extinguished by the sprinkler system.

High school briefly closed due to fire, sprinkler system limits damage (Mission, BC)

Investigators determined Monday morning the fire originated in a fire-rated storage container. Plastic left on top of the canister eventually caught fire and triggered the sprinkler system, which limited damage to that room.

Single fire sprinkler and quick acting staff save lives (North Bend, WA)

A fire occurred in a Mount Si Transitional Health Center laundry room dryer. A single sprinkler head activated which in turn activated the fire alarm system. The fire alarm system notified the fire department and alerted staff and residents to the fire. Staff acted quickly and evacuated the residents to a safe area in another smoke compartment of the building. The fire department arrived and finished extinguishing the fire and ventilated smoke from the building.

The fire and life safety system worked as designed and contained the fire to the room of origin. There was minimal damage to the dryers and laundry area.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sprinkler system controls residential sofa fire (Lincolnwood, IL)

The sprinkler system kept sofa fire in family room under control at a Lincolnwood, IL residence.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Fire sprinkler helps put out apartment fire (Dallas, TX)

Firefighters were called to the Carrollton Park Apartments around 1:20 Monday morning. No injuries were reported.

Sprinkler system extinguishes apartment fire (Vineland, NJ)

Firefighters were sent at 9:34 Friday to 1 East Vine Street for a fire in a room at Maurice View Plaza apartments. A sprinkler extinguished the fire but ventilation was needed. Firefighters were there about 90 minutes.

Table and chairs catch fire at restaurant, sprinkler system successfully activates (Charleston, WV)

Firefighters responded to an alarm at the Chop House Restaurant at Charleston Town Center late Sunday night, a spokesman for the Charleston Fire Department said this morning. A table and chairs had caught fire and triggered the sprinkler system, he said.

Sprinkler system aids firefighters at commercial building fire (Petaluma, CA)

The building's fire sprinkler system activated during the fire, but firefighters were unable to provide additional water to the system because of the theft of the fire department connection. Despite zero visibility smoke conditions, the fire was quickly extinguished.

Sprinkler system kept mall fire in check until firefighters arrived (Columbus. GA)

Officials say the fire started in the employee area of Gymboree. They say it started when an air ventilation fan caught boxes on fire. The sprinkler system was activated.

Automatic sprinkler system contains apartment kitchen fire, no one was home (Navarre, FL)

The fire started when a moving box was placed on the stove and a burner was accidentally turned on. No one was home at the time of the fire. "For the most part, we just had to do some final extinguishing, major part was put out by sprinkler system," Holley-Navarre Fire Chief Ron Norton said.

Mother charged after apartment fire with her two children at home, sprinkler system credited with containing fire (Laurel, MD)

A Laurel mother was arrested and charged this afternoon after firefighters found her unconscious and her two young children wet from the spray of the sprinklers in their Main Street apartment.

Sprinkler system aids firefighters at a Macy's laundry room fire (Temecula, CA)

A fire started in the wall of a laundry room at a Macy's store but was quickly extinguished, aided by a sprinkler system, officials said. No one was injured in the fire.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Three fires in one weekend, all controlled with help of automatic fire sprinklers (Prince George's County, MD)

Sprinklers Make A Difference In 3 PG Fires

- Sprinkler system controls blaze at Spellman House senior apartment center (College Park, MD)
- No injuries in single family home fire contained by residential sprinkler system (Clinton, MD)
- Sprinklers limit damage in fire at commercial structure (Bowie, MD)

Thanks to sprinkler system fire damage was kept to a minimum (Troy, OH)

Thanks to an overhead sprinkler system, the building suffered minimal damage from fire inside a production area. Despite the fire, the company was at full production on Monday.

Retirement community fire put out by sprinkler system (Olathe, KS)

A single sprinkler head activated and extinguished retirement community fire. No one was hurt.

Single Sprinkler Head Helps Save 6 Children and 5 Adults from House Fire (Marietta, GA)

A home sprinkler system helped save 11 people from a fire early Saturday. The fire broke out in the early morning hours when most of the six children, 4 to 12 years old, and five adults were asleep.

Several adults tried to put the fire out, but it was a single sprinkler head that did the job before the city Fire Department arrived.