Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sprinkler system extinguishes office fire at local restaurant (Lake Zurich, IL)

*** FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTED - NO MEDIA COVERAGE *** On the evening of January 14, 2013, the Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm activation at 769 W. Hwy 22 (Kobe East) in Lake Zurich. The first arriving companies, upon entry, found light smoke in the building and the sound of water running. Upon investigation, a burnt/melted electrical strip was found with signs of heat extension up the wall. The fire was not only controlled but also extinguished by activation of a single sprinkler head. Due to the activation of the sprinkler system, the fire was contained to the room of origin and no further fire suppression activities were required. The fire companies assisted in salvage, water clean up, fire investigation, sprinkler system restoration, cause and origin investigation and stand-by for continued community service. Currently, Kobe East is awaiting health department approval to reopen.

The fire appears to be accidental/electrical in nature. All crews returned to service after salvage operations

Hotel room fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Yuma, AZ)

Sprinklers put out a stove-top fire in a room at a Yuma hotel Saturday afternoon before firefighters arrived. Yuma Fire Department spokesman Mike Erfert said arriving YFD personnel found there had been a fire in a fourth-floor of the hotel and that the sprinkler head near the fire had activated and extinguished the fire. The fire was caused by a pan of oil left heating on the stove by the room's occupant. Erfert said the fire damage was limited to the immediate area around and above the stove-top. There were no injuries.