Monday, April 30, 2012

Fire sprinklers show worth in home fire (Ridgefield, OR)

Fire sprinklers made the difference in a house fire that started in it's garage. The home's fire sprinkler system kept the fire from spreading, and Clark County Fire and Rescue spokesman Tim Dawdy said things could have been much worse if it weren't for the sprinkler system considering the closest fire hydrant was three miles away. He also reported that the homeowners were initially apprehensive about installing fire sprinklers in the home, but now would never buy a home that wasn't equipped with them

Apartment fire suppressed by fire sprinkler system (Maryville, TN)

Fire sprinklers controlled a fire that started in the kitchen of an apartment until fire crews arrived. According to Deputy Chief David Hodges, "The fire sprinkler did it's job." No injuries were reported.

Fire sprinklers control school fire (Des Moines, IA)

A fire that broke out in a high school art room was suppressed by the building's fire sprinkler system. According to Pleasant Hill Fire Department Chief Reylon Meeks, the fire was mostly extinguished before before fire crews arrived. Associate Superintendent Joe Horton said of the fire sprinkler system, "The upside is no kids, nobody in the building, nobody got hurt. It did exactly what you would want the sprinkler system to do." No injuries were reported.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fire at office building controlled by single sprinkler (Lake Zurich, IL)

At 2012 hours on April 17, 2012, the Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department 
received a fire alarm from the Offices of Deer Park Office building. Upon 
arrival it was discovered that one sprinkler head had activated outside the 
south stairwell on the second floor. A fire had started from workmen leaving a
pile of rags in the corner after using them to stain a brand new floor in
an  office build-out. A rug and drywall were burned along with minimal water
damage  to the floor.

"The sprinkler system did its job. One head controlled what could of been 
a devastating fire with major damage. Tenants were back to work the next day
without interruption. Damage was estimated at less than $10,000.00. A
great save of a million dollar three story office building."

John M. Bzdusek Sr.
Fire Inspector
Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department


Retirement home fire extinguished by fire sprinkler system (Olathe, KS)

Fire crews arrived to the scene of a grease fire at a retirement home to find that the building's fire sprinkler system had already stopped the blaze. No injuries were reported.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fire sprinklers prove effectiveness in second fire at assisted living facility (Iverness, FL)

When firefighters were called upon for the second time in 10 days to an assisted living facility, the unit's fire sprinkler ensured that this second blaze was contained to the small closet where it started.

Historic building fire suppressed by fire sprinkler (Lexington, KY)

A historic building that was being renovated into a restaurant was the scene of a fire that was extinguished with the help of both firefighters and the building's fire sprinkler. No injuries were reported.

Fire sprinkler controls house fire (Livermore, CA)

An early morning fire that started in the garage was limited to a small area by the home's fire sprinkler system, according to Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Testa. The residents were able to return to the house with no injuries reported.

Sprinkler suppresses warehouse fire (Gurnee, IL)

When firefighters arrived at the scene of a warehouse fire, they discovered that the fire sprinkler system had put out the blaze. No one was reported injured in the fire.

Apartment fire contained by fire sprinkler (Spokane, WA)

Fire sprinklers kept a fire that broke out in the closet of a second story apartment from spreading throughout the apartment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grocery store fire suppressed by fire sprinklers (Westborough, MA)

A fire sprinkler quickly put out the flames from a two alarm fire that started in the rotisserie oven of a grocery store. No injuries were reported.

Boarding house fire put out by fire sprinkler (Nashua, NH)

A fire sprinkler knocked out the fire that occurred in a room at a boarding house. Fire Marshal Richard Wood reported, "Had the sprinkler not activated and controlled the fire while small, it is highly likely the occupant would have suffered serious injury or death."

Sprinkler system ensures safe end to chemical fire (Lees Summit, MO)

Firefighters who arrived at the scene of a chemical fire that broke out in a warehouse found the flames contained to a few buckets of a chemicals and nearby boxes. The sprinkler system had responded to the heat from the the fire and controlled it accordingly. No injuries were reported.

Sprinklers control apartment fire (Denver, CO)

A fire that broke out in an apartment building was contained to just one apartment thanks to its fire sprinkler system. No injuries were cited.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Retirement home fire controlled by fire sprinkler system (Pasadena, CA)

A fire that began in the bedroom of a retirement home was slowed down by a fire sprinkler, which made it easier for firefighters to extinguish according to the Times Community News. There were no reports of injuries.

Hoover factory fire doused by fire sprinklers (Canton, OH)

Sprinklers activated and doused a fire that broke out in a Hoover, Inc. factory where sweeper bags are produced, Battalian Chief Ray Harple reported. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters assisted by sprinklers at asisted living facility fire (Braintree, MA)

A fire that broke out in an assisted living room facility was controlled by a fire sprinkler. Braintree Fire Department Chief Kevin Murphy said, "The sprinkler system worked and helped extinguish the fire."

Sprinklers eliminate apartment fire (Beaumont, TX)

Firefighters who responded to a report of an apartment fire found that it had been extinguished by the apartment's fire sprinkler system. No injuries were reported.