Monday, July 30, 2012

Sprinkler system aids firefighters in college campus fire (Edinburg, TX)

The Edinburg fire chief said sprinkler systems may have stopped an overnight fire on the UTPA campus. He said the fire started around midnight Saturday night in an oven located in a chemistry classroom on the third floor of the science building.  The fire did not spread to the exterior of the building.

Sprinkler system suppresses fire at senior living center (Beverly Hills, MI)

A fire at a senior living complex in Beverly Hills forced the evacuation of residents early Sunday morning.  The fire was started in the kitchen.  Beverly Hills Department of Public Safety Lt. Michael Vargas stated the facilities sprinkler system was able to put out the fire.  "The suppression system extinguished the fire," stated Vargas. "No one was hurt as a result."

Apartment fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Iqaluit, NU)

Sprinkler system kept harbor fire from spreading (Kahului Harbor, Maui)

Witnesses saw a teenager use a cigarette lighter to start a fire in a new canoe hale, built from traditional materials of dried palm leaves.  The fire damaged about a 100 square feet of the structure before a sprinkler system kept it from spreading.  The sprinkler system was installed to bring the structure into compliance with Maui’s building codes.

Sprinkler system extinguishes fire in mall bathroom (Toms River, NJ)

Crews found the fire started in the employee bathroom, located at the rear of the store, but was extinguished by the fire sprinkler system, Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention Director James Mercready said. The fire sprinkler system helped control and suppress the “potentially catastrophic” fire, he said. A fire sprinkler head had activated once temperatures in the area reached 155 degrees Fahrenheit and once it kicked on, a fire alarm signal alerted the fire department of the fire, Mercready said.

Hotel laundry room fire contained by sprinkler system (Bakersfield, CA)

More than 400 people were evacuated from the Bakersfield Marriott after a fire broke out in the laundry room.  Bakersfield Fire Department crews were sent out to the hotel at about 7:30 a.m. regarding the fire.By the time crews arrived, the fire had been contained by the fire sprinkler system at the hotel.  No injuries have been reported.  Hotel guest were allowed to return to their rooms about an hour later.

Sprinkler system extinguishes apartment fire started by unattended smoking material (Republic, MO)

A sprinkler system extinguished a fire Saturday at an apartment complex in Republic that suffered major fire damage two years ago.  Republic city officials required the sprinkler system to be installed after the first fire in 2010 that caused  $600,000 in damage.  The fire on Saturday started on the deck of unit H-6 after someone left smoking materials unattended.  “This time we were lucky,” Compton said. “The sprinkler system put it out.”

Sprinkler system contains medical center fire to laundry area (Duluth, GA)

A fire that occurred at Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth on Saturday was contained to the laundry area.  A hospital spokeswoman said the fire was contained quickly due to an effective sprinkler system and hospital employees who used four fire extinguishers.  Workers who helped keep the fire from spreading were evaluated in the emergency room and are in good condition.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sprinkler system extinguishes prison wood shop fire (Lincoln, NE)

A sprinkler system doused a fire at a wood shop on the Nebraska State Penitentiary campus early Saturday, a fire official said. The flames erupted inside the building at Nebraska 2 and Pioneers Boulevard just after 2 a.m., setting a number of furniture items ablaze. Steve Dolezal, acting battalion chief for Lincoln Fire and Rescue, said the fire was a minor event and some crews were back in service soon after making their way to the shop.

Sprinkler system contains basement fire at multi-family home (Stamford, CT)

The fire, which began before 11:46 p.m. in a basement of a multi-family home at 42 Halloween Ave., was contained by the sprinkler system. Stamford Fire & Rescue officials said in a news release.

Kitchen fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Brooklyn Park, MN)

"First arriving units found the fire was out and had been extinguished by sprinklers," reported a firefighter. There were no injuries.

Sprinkler system helps suppress grocery store fire (Windsor Heights, IA)

Fire crews responded to a fire at a Hy-Vee grocery store at about 11:30 a.m. With the assistance of the store's fire sprinklers, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze by 12:30 p.m. No official cause for the start of the fire has been reported.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sprinkler System Puts Out Fire at Antique Shop (Huntsville, AL)

Just before 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, someone noticed smoke coming from the back of Firehouse Antiques, which is south of Weatherly Road on Memorial Parkway. When the Huntsville Fire Department arrived, the sprinkler system had already extinguished the small fire. An official on scene said the fire is likely electrical in nature.

Sprinkler System Extinguishes Apartment Grease Fire (Pasadena, CA)

A grease fire in a kitchen of a Pasadena apartment was extinguished by the building's automatic fire sprinkler system. This is the second sprinkler save in a Pasadena apartment fire in the last three months.

Deliberately set fire at high school extinguished by sprinkler system (San Jose, CA)

A small fire at a San Jose high school Sunday evening was deliberately set, according to fire officials. Firefighters found that a side door on a theater building had been set on fire, melting the plexiglass window and damaging siding on the building. The fire had been put out by a sprinkler by the time firefighters arrived on scene. An arson investigator has determined the fire was deliberately set. There were no injuries due to the fire, according to San Jose Fire Capt. Rob.