Monday, November 10, 2014

Sprinkler system contains fire in multi-purpose commercial building (Falmouth, ME)

Falmouth firefighters put out a fire in a commercial building that the town’s fire chief said could have caused more damage Sunday afternoon if not for the building’s sprinkler system, which helped suppress the flames.  Fire Chief Howard Rice Jr. said a fire alarm sounded at 12:29 p.m. in the multi-use commercial building at 196 Route 1.

Rice said the fire started in an electrical room in the Morong Falmouth Service Center, a car dealership at the front of the commercial structure. Rice said the fire burned materials that were stored in the room. He said the sprinkler system helped contain the fire to the electrical room.


  1. That is awesome that a fire sprinkler system could contain a fire like that in a multi-purpose commercial building as well as it did. Knowing that makes me very happy that there are fire sprinkler systems in buildings and homes to help people out is really reassuring. This will make buildings so much safer in the long run without a doubt.

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