Monday, October 27, 2014

Kitchen fire at apartment building controlled by sprinklers (Holyoke, MA)

A sprinkler system in a Paper City apartment building did exactly what it was designed to do on Saturday after a resident left food to burn on a stove.  The alarm sent firefighters to 164 Sargeant St. just after 1 p.m. Saturday. Upon arrival, firefighters saw no outward signs of fire but the 5-story apartment building's alarm and sprinkler system were activated. An investigation determined that a tenant in an apartment left food on the stove unattended, causing the building's fire suppression system to activate. No injuries were reported in the incident.

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  1. This is awesome. I am glad that my current apartment that I live in has an automatic sprinkler system. Though it is pretty old so it might need some upgrades. I know of a company here in Rochester NY that would be able to do that for me.